All of our mobile phones are delivered fully unlocked, powered up and data deleted. We understand our client’s needs in today’s fast paced environment and always strive to surpass their expectations. Our mobile smart phone grading system is one of the best. Each mobile phone goes through strict mandatory testing protocol set up by our specialists. All of our phones in all grades come fully unlocked, power up and good LCD.


iONETEK Advanced Technology’s focus is on the distribution of wireless devices & mobile phones. Our large inventory is strictly sold to certified wholesale resellers and all our cell phones are unlocked, data deleted and functionality tested for optimum quality control through adherence to a rigorous grading system by our specialists. We also provide our clients with OEM parts for mobile phones such as: LCD Assembly, front and back housings, motherboards, power cables, ear-pods. We offer most of the world top mobile phone brands like IPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG and many others.


Although wireless devices and mobiles phones represent the bulk of iONETEK’s Advanced Technology inventory; we also carry mobile accessories such as cables, charges, Bluetooth headsets and speakers, which are extremely lucrative add-ons for any re-sellers. We offer international expertise in the sourcing of mobile smart phones and accessories for distribution to our re-seller partners from around the world.


“OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer”
This means it is NOT a generic or “aftermarket” item, the same manufacturer that made your phone makes the accessories. iONETEK only sells OEM parts to our clients and re-sellers. OEM mobile phone accessories come with the manufacturer warranty and online or hard copy instruction manual. OEM products are typically very high quality products that the aftermarket makers cannot match. The reliability of these mobile phone accessories is much higher.
Aftermarket Cell Phone Accessories: Aftermarket mobile phone accessories are compatible with specified cell phone brands and are typically cheaper than OEM products. However, aftermarket products will most likely be of lower quality than OEM products. You do not know the name of the company that made the cell phone accessory so most of the time you will have no warranty. Generic or “aftermarket” items may ruin or burn up your mobile phone and void the original manufacturer`s warranty.