Global Services


iONETEK’s wireless devices and mobile cell phones distribution channels are multi-faceted to suit the needs of our Canadian, American and International resellers. We work closely with our partners through customized new-product promotion strategies aimed at maximizing sales in their respective distribution channels. iONETEK Advanced Technology shares it’s considerable expertise with resellers in order to effectively maximize profit for all sides involved.


iONETEK’s Advanced Technology’s team is especially adept at helping our partners distribute smart phones and cellular devices due to a considerable combined experience in local markets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and The Russian Federation. Our partners come first, if they profit, so do we!
Our team is currently focused on –- though not limited to -– providing China based product development and manufacturing solutions, packaging design, procurement and logistics services.


Refurbishing electronic wireless devices is a philosophy, which drives the core of our after-sales business with our global network of OEM partners and re-sellers. Working with leading manufacturers, wireless carriers, and insurance providers allows our customers to reduce cost and focus on their core competencies with worrying about the reselling of devices, meet market demands, industry volatility, and increase profitability.

  • 100% verification of all the materials used into our repairs or distribution
  • Sub-component assembly
  • Logistics channels for shipping & handling
  • OEM sourcing model
  • Customized assembly
  • After sales engineering


Our location in Toronto, Canada and Shenzhen, China combined with our networks and 15 years of experience within China provide us with the opportunity to help overseas companies enter the highly lucrative Chinese market, while our extremely competitive re-seller networks provides unparalleled global negotiation advantages with product manufacturers and partners. With years of experience in retail branding, product design, logistics, and distribution, iONETEK offers a variety of mobile phones, cellular devices and services to suit every clients and partner`s needs for growth worldwide.