Worldwide leader in deriving the most value from used mobile devices

Today’s consumers expect to trade-in their used devices. Once a “nice to have,” it’s now a competitive requirement to offer trade-in at time of device activation or upgrade.

That’s why the world’s top wireless OEMs, operators and retailers trust iONETEK. We remarket millions and millions devices a year and have access to distribution channels in 100+ countries. We’ll ease the way and help you shine.

Our Services


Buying used devices

Your consumers crave the newest devices and tablets. Help them get the latest technology by buying back their used device through iONETEK. We buy back the world’s top devices, leveraging a global re-market network that includes our own auction house, insurance company and global network of logistics and distribution.

Trade-in programs

Lighten your load—let us do the work. We’ll facilitate the trade-in process for all your used devices, leveraging multiple collection points online, in-store, call-center and corporate.

Early upgrade

Help your consumers get the latest devices and tablets every 12 months with iONETEK’s early trade-in programs. Participation is incentivized with on-the-spot payments for your customers’ old devices.

Reverse Logistics & After-Sales Service

With our reverse logistics and after-sales service, you can efficiently repair broken devices, as well as trade-in and insure end-users’ devices.

Customer Value


Expert program design

We leverage global benchmarks and insights to create profitable buyback and trade-in programs that meet legal, compliance, environmental, and logistics requirements.

Device collection everywhere

In-store, online, app, enterprise, call center—iONETEK uses multiple device trade-in points to satisfy customers and maximize your collection opportunities.

Easy, fast, accurate value assessment

Built on volumes of pricing data, our proprietary software enables your retail store reps to quickly evaluate a used phone, accurately quote its residual value, and then provide the customer with an in-store credit, bank transfer, discount on a new phone, or other compensation.

Give phones a second life

After inspection, data wiping, refresh and repair, used phones are sold worldwide. About 95% are remarketed; the remaining 5% are considered beyond economic repair and recycled responsibly.

Reduce risk from early-upgrade programs

Don’t let concern about future spot market price volatility overshadow the benefits of an early upgrade program. iONETEK’s Forward Price Commitment Option provides carriers and retailers with a pre-determined value for iconic devices. When the device is traded-in after a year of use, you know exactly what you’ll get for it.