The iONETEK way to compete with content

Today’s mobile subscribers crave content – everything from productivity tools and apps to music and video – all delivered seamlessly through their mobile device. But sourcing and delivering a wide variety of content is no easy task.

Our Mobile Digital Solutions can help you! We’ll do all the legwork, from selecting the right content platforms, to promoting the new plans to your subscribers quickly and effectively, and to marketing the platforms for maximum adoption.

Our Services



Create a highly unique and competitive subscriber offering with unlimited access to a vast catalog of music, and easily pre-load or add mobile music services to consumer plans. Co-brand or white-label your wireless music service, or even bundle with high-fidelity mobile accessories.

Mobile advertising

Generate incremental revenue by delivering timely and meaningful mobile ads to subscribers with a complete end-to-end platform.

Mobile security

Protect your subscribers’ devices from theft, malware and spam. Enable parents to protect children’s devices from undesirable sites. Pre-load licenses or sell mobile protection to your existing user base post device purchase. Sell separately, or bundled with device insurance for a full protection package.

Apps distribution

Generate revenue while satisfying app-hungry subscribers. Our platform enables you to easily monetize curated apps that deliver a stronger revenue-share than most well-known programs. Subscribers get access to hundreds of premium apps for a fixed monthly fee, with no risk of viruses, inappropriate content or spam.


Enable true TV everywhere. We’ll deliver live and videos on demand to your subscribers across all their devices, with easy user installation and a simple, intuitive user experience. Our platform also includes seamless integration of gaming; users can play their favorite mobile game projected on a TV controlling it from their device!

Customer Value


iONETEK knows mobile

With a track record for innovation, and extensive relationships with mobile vendors, we can secure the most exciting mobile content that delights your customer base.

Support reaching new customers and installed base

We won’t just deliver a turnkey platform, you can count on our help for selling mobile content through to your user base.

White labeled and co-branded

Use your branding to differentiate your mobile music service and make it your own, enhancing your brand value.

Strong revenue share

Get a healthy revenue stream from multiple mobile content services.

Custom programs

iONETEK provides flexible and scalable programs designed to meet our customers’ individual needs.