About iONETEK Stone Group

We’re iONETEK Stone Group , a leading electronic wireless device remanufacturer, born on the philosophy of pioneering the future of original equipment refurbishing and engineering repairs .

With its headquarter in Texas, iONETEK Stone Group has factories in the US and Asia, providing repair and services with a global footprint. Founded in year 2002, iONETEK Stone Group concentrate doing business with our USA partners for 14 years . We are a leader in wireless refurbishment , reverse logistics, procurement , handset design, market analysis and a global OEM partner .

Working on behalf of leading manufacturers, wireless carriers, and insurance providers, iONETEK Stone Group harness
its global network to assume operational responsibility for the complete remanufacturing and after-sales supply chain process for our clients.

iONETEK Stone Group improves client efficiency by allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies and strengths. As a result, our expertise and engineering allows our customers to reduce cost and minimize spending.

Facts & Figures

  • Privately held with over 250 employees ww
  • 14 years team
  • Hold full repair license
  • Free trade Zone factory
  • Samsung authorized level 3 service center