Mobile device and protection programs for your subscribers

Your unhappy subscriber has lost, broken or damaged their beloved mobile device. You have very little time to get them reconnected before they turn to your competitor for new service. But if you’re iONETEK, they’ll stay – and happily so.

Be the hero. To your business, and your wireless subscribers.

Our Services


Device Insurance

Protect your wireless subscibers’ mobile devices from loss, theft and malfunction, with a customized insurance program from eSecuritel, a iONETEK subsidiary.

Device Warranty

Provide extended warranties and coverage for damage and malfunction for devices, tablets and handsets.

Remote Technical Support

iONETEK’s one-touch resolution service directly handles your subscribers’ support requests so you don’t have to–quickly resolving connectivity and usage issues via phone, chat, social media or email.

Device Mobile Security

Complete your customer offering with our suite of valued smartphone protection services for antivirus, antitheft, anti-spam, firewall, privacy protection, backup and restore.

Customer Value


Customized programs

iONETEK’s device and warranty programs can be easily customized to fit your subscriber base. Pre-paid, post-paid, advance pay programs? No problem. Other options include: 1) Bill subscribers on their credit card or through their bill. 2) Replace phones in store, in the mail or both places. 3) Monthly or annual billing.

Device insurance available on all channels

Since customers shop online, in-store at retailers, dealers and via mobile, iONETEK provides access to insurance on all channels, helping to boost take rates.

Real-time information

Get proprietary technology allowing you to measure the device insurance program’s performance, and make adjustments. Our real-time inventory tracking improved management of a leading US operator’s insurance program, resulting in a 37% reduction in average equipment cost.

Easy Integration with your existing infrastructure

Our HITS platform integrates easily with existing Operator billing and POS systems to streamline enrollment, claim and fulfillment processes. The result is an automated, real-time infrastructure that provides complete program transparency and around-the-clock customer support.

Full marketing and field support

Hands-on field support to boost program performance and exceptional training help drive take rates and ensure an exceptional subscriber experience.

Reduce churn

You can reduce churn and provide a steady revenue stream using iONETEK’s flexible device and insurance programs, customized for all sizes of operators and retailers. Whether they’re prepaid or post-paid, or smartphone, tablet or feature phone – your insurance subscribers will be reconnected to their friends and family quickly and seamlessly, often in less than an hour.