Many of the world’s leading mobile operators outsource to iONETEK

Supply Chain Solutions
We help some of the world’s top operators and retailers turn their mobile supply chain into a competitive advantage. How? Proprietary tools. Operating rhythm. An innovative global team of wireless supply chain and logistics professionals. Now we’re ready to put our tools and knowledge to work for you.

Our Services


Device Strategy & Ranging

Use proprietary tools, the most up-to-date industry insights, and sophisticated data analytics to identify the optimal mix of devices, tablets and handsets to meet or exceed your business objectives across products, segments and technology

Channel Operations

We expertly manage the sell-in and sell-through of devices in all your channels, using a range of services: store staff training on best practices on customer interaction, brand positioning, store layout and compliance. And incentive and rebate management, credit and collections, channel order management and more.

New Product Introduction

Execute timely and successful product launches across new devices and accessories. How do we do it? Relationships across the supply chain including OEMs, using data analytics, and a strict operating rhythm.

Product Lifecycle Management

Let us manage all aspects of your product lifecycle, from market intelligence and competitor activity, device performance, profitability analysis, product removal from market to auction management. Our PLM model also provides a series of reporting and analysis tools to actively manage pricing, promotions, and placement to support your sales, acquisition and retention strategy to maximize profitability.

Supply Chain Management

Leverage our unique operating rhythm and data capabilities to optimise the performance of the end-to-end supply chain; improve availability at the point of sale, reduce obsolescence and cost by running a more efficient mobile supply chain. Services include management of master data, retail inventory, forecasting & demand planning, production scheduling, inventory optimization and supplier collaboration.

Strategic Sourcing

Let us source wireless devices and handsets for you at the best prices and terms, through our global scale and extensive relationship with wireless device manufacturers.

Customer Value


End-to-end supply chain services

iONETEK’s end-to-end mobile supply chain services cover it all – 3PL and 4PL. We also factor in device resale value in secondary markets. So you get the most value from every device, and seamless integration across the entire wireless value chain.

Meet KPIs with our integrated IT platform

We have the most complete and the only fully integrated IT platform that covers all aspects of the device value chain.

Proprietary operating rhythm

Our proprietary process enables rapid decision-making and cross-organization collaboration. So we can respond to market changes quickly.