iONETEK financing sells more and mitigates risk

Our innovative customized financing solutions make smartphones and accessories available to millions. They also help our customers sell more products, stay ahead of the market trends, and mitigate risk.

Our Services


Accessory Financing

When customers activate a new device, don’t miss the chance to increase their accessory spend with custom financing programs. A recent US trial saw a 4x lift in accessory sales with a custom 0% interest, $0 down program.

Forward Price Commitment

This program provides a pre-determined value for qualifying devices as part of early upgrade programs. When the device is traded in, your consumers know exactly what they’ll get for it. No risk for you, or for them.

Corporate Leasing Solutions

It’s just like a car lease, but for phones. iONETEK arranges the funding for the device, and the consumer uses the device while we hold the title. At the end of the lease, we take the device back for re-market or recycling – never for landfill.

Consumer Plans

We’ll help you offer the latest wireless devices for no money down and a low monthly fee, Plus, our leases come with a “built-in” early upgrade option. We’ll handle the residual value risk from the devices turned in at end of lease.

Device Installment Billing

Help your wireless subscribers afford a more expensive device through monthly installment billing programs. You maintain the relationship with the subscriber, and iONETEK does the rest – – arrange financing, provide payment tracking tools, and provide program consulting.

Customer Value


Global Insights and Benchmarking

The more you know about wireless, the better your program. iONETEK’s specific expertise and data-based global insights about wireless can increase device and accessory sales while boosting EBITDA and cash flow at the same time.

End-to-end services

Focus on selling device, not financing them. We’ll put all the program pieces together for you: program development, financing, sales and settlement, and trade-in of used devices at end of contract.

Ready access to financing

Why use your cash when you can use someone else’s? iONETEK has the stability, scale and lending capacity to help your business achieve growth objectives that may be currently out of reach.

Minimized risk and greater confidence

Consumer credit risk. Residual value risk. As wireless experts with a global presence, we are well-equipped to mitigate risk inherent in your device leasing, installment billing and early upgrade programs.