Our Team

Pulat-Paul Bay, President /CEO

Graduate of Ryerson University, Mr. Bay is responsible for the vision and direction at iONETEK. As a successful cellular devices and mobile phones trader with in-depth knowledge of the wireless industry in Canada and Eastern Europe, Mr. Bay continuously strive to improve the daily operations at iONETEK by implementing his years of experience in business development, negotiations and partnership cooperation. Paul’s extensive personal connection with manufacturers / distributors around the world makes him extremely adept a negotiating bulk product pricing aimed at generating higher yield with international resellers in their respective markets.

Simon Tran, Founder-Partner of iONETEK

Mr. Tran is a true expert in the Mobile Phone Industry; Mr.Tran oversees all global purchasing operations at iONETEK. An expert of European and Asian markets, Mr. Tran is responsible for iONETEK’s ongoing success in the very competitive Hong Kong market of mobile phones.

Sukhrob Khal, Vice-President / Founder-Partner of iONETEK

Mr.Khal perspective to the mobile phone acquisition that gives iONETEK an unprecedented edge and dynamic level of expertise, which is extremely valued by our partner resellers. He is leading the charge for continued market penetration in the Central Asian mobile phone marketplace.

Alexandr Vash, Chief Operational Officer

Alexandr is a true strategic thinker and professional in Telecom and Technology Industry. An expert of European and North America market of cellular devices and mobile phones trader with in-depth knowledge of the wireless industry. With Cybernetics Master’s degree Mr.Alexandr goal oriented & result seeker keep iONETEK to achieving the ultimate success.

Mike Faas, Commercial Sales-Distribution – Product Development

Mr. Faas fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, an expert in Chinese and Asian markets, Mr. Faas is charge of managing the pipeline of agreements and drive corporate negotiation with telecom providers and other B2B markets.

Vik Sharma, North American Sales Rep

Vik is a graduate of University of Ottawa with a degree in B.Sc. Vik is in charge of dealing with all our North American clients. A true phone geek and teck guru, Vik keeps iONETEK with all the latest technological product updates making iONETEK at the forefront of global mobile phone industry.