If there’s one secret to getting the best Internet and TV prices at Rogers, it’s this: be a student. Specifically, be a student during the back-to-school period in which the company offers discounts.

Luckily for college kids everywhere, that period has now begun — at least in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland — and is likely continue through September.

The 12-month plans start with the 300GB-capped Rogers Ignite 30 tier, discounted from a monthly price of $69.99 to $45, and end at the unlimited Rogers Ignite 250u tier, discounted from $92.99 to $75.

To sweeten the deal further, customers aren’t charged activation or installation fees.

For any student even mildly interested in adding TV to their package, Rogers is also offering a $10 discount on its around 35 channel Starter package, taking it from $24.99 to $14.99. The offer doesn’t include, however, the rental of a cable box, which runs from $5.49 per month.

For such low prices, one would assume there’d be a few hoops to jump through, but somewhat surprisingly, that’s not the case. To take advantage of this deal, all students is a current student ID.

Source: Rogers