In the same week the HTC Desire 10 leaked (and was subsequently announced), another HTC-made smartphone has made its way online prior to being officially announced. This time around, it’s a device called the Bolt and it looks a lot like the HTC 10.

The major difference between the two phones, according to The Verge, is that the Bolt doesn’t feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Besides the non-existent headphone jack, the Bolt makes a number of minor cosmetic changes to the 10’s existing industrial design. On the back of the device, HTC has moved the dual tone flash from its position next to the camera lens to the top of the outer shell. Similarly, the top of the front of the device has seen a minor rework. HTC has made the speaker grill smaller and moved the front-facing camera to the left side of it.

The Bolt is reportedly destined to be sold through Sprint, which is to say it’s unlikely to come to Canada. That said, if the Bolt ends up not shipping with a 3.5mm headphone jack, it’s a good indication as any smartphone OEMs plan to follow Motorola and Apple’s lead when it comes to the more than century-old port.